How do you love your body right now AND still lose 20 pounds?


There are a lot of mixed messages out there around body love, what that means and what that requires.


From what I can tell, they fall into two competing camps:


  1. Diet, lose the weight AND THEN you can love your body, but only when you get “there.”  
  2. You must love your body now, and you cannot change it. Any desire to change your body is body-hate, and shame on you for having that desire!


So shame on you if you’re overweight and not a 5’10’’ size 2 model, and shame on you if you’re overweight and you want to change that.


This makes absolutely NO sense to me.


No wonder we’re struggling so much – not only are we shaming ourselves around what we eat or how flat our stomachs are, but we’re also receiving shame everywhere we turn.


But here’s THE truth:

You can love your body AND lose body fat now, simultaneously.

Loving your body and losing weight are not mutually exclusive – you can do both together.


In order to truly love your body, you have to shift BOTH beliefs and behavior.


Running around in lipstick and high heels doesn’t necessarily make you love your body more; you just feel like a fat cow, running around in lipstick and high heels.




Because you’re trying to change from the outside in; changing what you see externally (which at times can totally boost your self esteem), but if you’re solely dependent on your WORTH coming from your looks, shape, size, etc, then you will constantly struggle.


When you change your beliefs first, changed behavior is easy and effortless; it’s a natural manifestation of those changed beliefs.  


So you can love your body TODAY, AND if you want to change your body, you can do that too.


In fact, part of loving your body might be addressing your emotional eating and drinking, it might be releasing the extra weight that makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.


And the best news of all, is that this is all possible without deprivation, starvation or the need for massive willpower! [Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!]


Now, if you are HAPPY right where you are, then keep on keeping on! You don’t have to do anything different.


BUT, if you are NOT happy or comfortable in your body right now, then here’s how I can help:  


Join me in the L3 Experience: Loved & Lean for Life.


How it works:

  • I’m committing to loving my body more every single day in November. Think of it like a month of body gratitude.  
  • Every day, I’ll post in the Body You Crave Inner Circle sharing how I’m loving my body that day (food, exercise, beliefs, lifestyle, self-care, etc)
  • I invite you to join me and post how YOU are going to love your body each day, too!
  • That’s it! These small, simple shifts will compound over time, and you’ll find that as you shift your beliefs and behaviors together, the behavior has a much easier time of sticking.


You can’t simply change from the outside in.


But when you recognize the old beliefs that keep you stuck, frustrated, feeling unpretty and unworthy, and focus on shifting those beliefs from the inside out, it will change your life forever!


You ready to join me?! Come on over and say hello – we start Nov 1st!