We are coming up on my favorite time of year! But I know that for some of you, it’s not all fun and games, and can be a very stressful, emotionally charged time. 


Whether you’ve lost a loved one recently… 

Or you’re embarrassed you didn’t lose your weight this year like you planned… 

Or your family looks down on you for trying to eat healthy and can’t understand why you’re being so “difficult.” 

Or you just don’t know how to handle being around all that food without eating your face off the entire day weekend. 

Or maybe you go in with a solid plan, but argue with yourself when temptations and cravings set in, thinking “I only get to have this once a year,” or “one day won’t kill me,” until you find yourself face-first in the bottom of the pumpkin pie you really don’t even like that much. 


Here’s the #1 rule: STOP USING WILLPOWER 

You are NOT supposed to lose body fat using willpower – it just doesn’t work. Not only will this approach wear you down, but it causes you to THINK about food all the ding-dang time. 


There’s a better, easier way to eat and live so that the extra body fat NEVER COMES BACK.


Here are three simple steps you can follow that will keep you eating on track, without feeling like you’re missing out on all the fun this holiday season. 


[watch the video here] 


Step 1: Start journaling TODAY 

What are you afraid of? Seriously. List out all the reasons you think it’s going to be challenging to eat on plan this week. 


Do you normally snack on your road trip and you’ll be the only one not grabbing a bag of candy from the gas station? 

Do family members encourage you to keep eating, even when you tell them you’re full? 

Do you have a hard time saying “no” and standing up for yourself and what you want? 


Write it all down. Get it out of your head so you can get to work on how to solve these challenges. This is what I call a “thought download,” and allows us to get clear on our fears and our goals.  


Not sure where to go from here? Schedule a complimentary clarity call, where we’ll dive into your thought download and I’ll show you how to STOP overeating through the holidays. 

No willpower required. 


Step 2: Create a REALISTIC plan you can stick with on Thanksgiving 

Love mom’s mashed potatoes? Can’t get enough of grandma’s secret-recipe casserole? Put it on your plan, babe! 

You don’t have to know exactly what’s on the menu in order to negotiate with yourself from a place of love, not a hostage takeover. 


Here are some general guidelines to get you started: 

1. What are your top 3 Thanksgiving foods? Start by putting those on your plan. 

2. Next, make sure each meal has the following: 

       a. Protein (ex: turkey, ham) 

       b. Starch (ex: potatoes, mac and cheese, stuffing)

       c. Fat (ex: avocado, nuts, cheese) 

        d. Veggies (ex: green beans, broccoli) 

3. If you like to eat a bite of everything, just write it down and commit to enjoying the people just as much as the food. 

4. If you plan to eat dessert, write it down, but make sure it’s dessert you actually LOVE.


The food can be there, but you DON’T have to talk yourself into eating it. 

This is how we learn to eat with intention, rather than eating because it’s in front of us. 

Feel like you’re still using willpower to avoid the foods that are “off limits?” Schedule a complimentary clarity call, and I’ll show you how to be around ALL the food, without giving in or needing massive amounts of willpower to avoid. 


Step 3: Eat when you’re hungry + stop when you’re satisfied 

Same as any other day, we’re practicing listening to our bodies. 

As a reminder, you can eat Thanksgiving food any time of year. 

It’s time to get off the binge/restrict cycle.  

If you struggle to stop eating when you’re satisfied because it tastes so good, you’re likely restricting too much in your day-to-day life. This is why creating a REALISTIC plan you actually enjoy is so key – it keeps us from swinging from being “all in” to “all out.” 

If you’re going to someone’s house, simply bring a plastic / glass container so you can take food home and enjoy throughout the weekend. 


Bonus: Stay hydrated

Drinking water keeps you energized, burning fat and ultimately eating less because you’re no longer eating when really your body is simply thirsty. 

The question here isn’t do you KNOW it; it’s are you DOING it?  


Here’s to a wonderful week filled with lots of love, joy and lasting memories.