Y’all laugh, BUT the truth is: drastically restricting what you eat (aka almost ALL diets – low carb, low fat, paleo, keto, carnivore, etc.) will change the way you THINK and BEHAVE.


Dr. Ancel Keys explored the psychological components of severe dieting in 1944, in his infamous “Starvation Experiment.”

While there were drastic changes in physical results, the psychological results of the study were even more insightful:  

  • Meal times became the highlight of participants’ days, as opposed to normal daily activities.
  • Participants savored each and every flavorless bite of food, both during and after the diet.
  • Participants drank up to 15 cups of coffee and chewed up to 40 packs of gum PER DAY.
  • Apathy and social anxiety increased, while the desire for sexual activity was replaced with an extreme obsession with food.


There are two key theories to apply here:

1. The “psychology of lack,” which simply means we become fixated on that which we lack, and we need more “willpower” to continue to deprive ourselves.

Which leads to…  

2. “Willpower Depletion” which explains the mental toll that’s taken after you’ve repeatedly resisted temptation, and has been shown to cause your brain to function differently.


This is why you might be able to stick to your diet for 4-6 weeks, maybe even 4-6 months, but eventually you can’t hold out any longer, and you take this great pendulum swing from being “all in” to “all out.”

This is why so many people struggle to create a new “lifestyle,” because they think it simply means doing their diet for the rest of their lives, depriving themselves of certain food forever.

This is why we can binge on food, sometimes food we don’t even enjoy, at the end of the day for no apparent reason.


It’s why after a diet, you put back on any weight you lost, AND THEN SOME!

(This is not a scare tactic used by marketers – this is what happens to your body after just months of dieting.)


So what do you do?



I know you’re like, “well how the bloody hell am I supposed to lose weight then?!” and my answer is pretty simple:

It’s time to create a true lifestyle you CAN DO forever, without hating your life or obsessing over food.

The methodology:

  • More real foods
  • 70/30 – More and Less, not “Always” and “Never”
  • Screw perfection, go for progress
  • Better is always better
  • More FUN & adventure
  • Untangle your cravings
  • Redefine your worthiness


Some clients needed to eat more carbs and fat, others needed to eat more protein, while others needed to remove the idea that “healthy” came with a label like paleo, vegan or vegetarian.

I NEVER ask you to “give up” your favorite foods and drinks, but ALL clients have been able to shift their eating habits naturally, because they did the work to identify and shift their beliefs about food and body first.


It’s not just about food and your body; it’s about creating a LIFE you freakin’ LOVE!


And when you’re ready, here’s how I can help:

Come join the Body You Crave Inner Circle to learn more about how you can get the body you crave, without the struggle.