One of my all time favorite instructors is this French woman with a thick accent named Aurelie. The way she says things is just so alluring, especially the word “sexy!”

Now I may be in love with her accent, but when she starts talking about how if you lift more weight and workout harder now, you can eat more junk food throughout the weekend…


Face, meet palm.

The idea that you can simply workout more or harder and then eat whatever you want later in the day is bullshit.


I know that’s not what you want to hear, but you have to remember our golden rule:
75% of the way you look (your body composition) stems from what you eat, NOT what you do in the gym.


Exercise is NOT a requirement for weight loss.

And no, I’m not selling some diet pill or magic weight loss formula. I’m selling a healthy relationship to food, fitness and body.

By all means, go to the gym, ride your bike, walk the dog, lift some weights, do what you love and feel like a total badass!


BUT, this is not your license to eat.

Instead you should be looking at the QUALITY of what you eat, not just the quantity.

You should be asking WHY you eat the foods you eat, or WHY you crave the foods you crave, instead of constantly asking WHAT to eat to lose weight.


Because in the end, you cannot out-train your nutrition.


So what should you do from here?

  • Recognize if you’re using exercise as punishment or as a license to eat.
  • Do more of what you love, whether it’s a dance class, walking, or yoga – you don’t have to do 3 sets of 10 reps of a dozen different exercises to reap the benefits of working out.
  • Get your shizzle together around food.
    • Recognize which forms of activity stimulate your hunger, so you can be prepared with plenty of healthy options post-workout.
    • Identify beliefs about food that aren’t serving you well.
    • Decode WHY you crave the foods you crave. Often there are both physiological and emotional cravings we try to meet with food.
    • Pay attention to food that you enjoy, fills you up, and makes you feel really awesome, and eat more of it!


It will often take extra time and effort on your part, but small, simple shifts will compound over time to produce massive results!