Have you noticed there’s this War on Food?

It started off as a ‘war on fat,’ then a ‘war on carbs,’ then a war on sugar,’ then a war on just about everything else out there… gluten, dairy, gmo’s, meat, until we’re at war with all the foods, all the time.

Food is enemy #1 and we gladly demonize it in the hopes of losing weight, getting fit, or leaning out, without realizing how destructive this can be to our entire psyche.

We start moralizing food as either ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ which inevitably leads to moralizing ourselves based on what we eat.


How many times have you said:

“I was so good today, I only ate _____!” Or, “I didn’t eat ____!”

“I’m going to be bad and have _____ [dessert / chocolate / pasta, etc]”

“I was so bad this weekend, I had several… [cookies, glasses of wine, pieces of pizza, etc]”


You see, guilt quickly turns to shame and harsh criticism, and while we may not say it out loud, sounds an awful lot like “you worthless sack of crap, why can’t you just not eat that?!”

It’s a quick slide down the mountain of self hatred, and the problem is, it doesn’t stop there.

So how do we end this war with food and our bodies? Watch below.


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