I get it.

Not feeling in control around food, weight, or body shape is enough to drive any girl into the arms of her favorite oversized sweats and pint of low-carb ice cream. It’s safer there, hiding in the darkness with tear-soaked popcorn, than under the meticulous scrutiny of your partner’s eye.


So you resolve to paleo-harder, restrict more, that ass ain’t going to stop jiggling on its own – better punish yourself in the gym first thing in the morning – and don’t forget to constantly shame yourself for not having more willpower to just not eat that.


This obsession with food and achieving the *perfect* body created your own personal Hell, where you go to WAR with food every single f*cking day.


But our struggle with food is never about the food;

it’s about hating our bodies.  


It’s thinking that once you lose the weight, THEN you’ll be happy, THEN you’ll be confident, THEN you’ll love your body, THEN you’ll be loved, accepted, adored.


But oh sweet heavens, it’s EXHAUSTING constantly dieting, trying to be perfect, and NEVER being good enough.


So I’m done. I’m done with diets. I’m done hating my body. I’m done being at war with food. I’m ready to create the Body I Crave, and I’m going to do it on my own terms.


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