If you’re anything like me, you probably thought there was one set of “magical rules” that if you could just stick with long enough, would be the key to losing weight successfully, and finally being able to love yourself and your body.

But the truth is, that’s not accurate. So while we won’t talk about WHAT to eat in the post, I need to clarify a couple things before we get going:


1. You don’t need more rules and restrictions. Searching for another diet you’ll stick with for the next 6 months, until you become bored or disheartened and go back to old eating habits is NOT what you need. You need a framework you can truly customize and fit your lifestyle and your body. There is no one-size-fits-all “secret,” and what “worked” for you in high school likely isn’t going to work for you now – AND THAT’S OK!


2. We also have to identify what it means for a diet to “work.” Your new benchmark for “working” is 6 YEARS, not 6 weeks or 6 months. I don’t give a sh*t if you can drop 20 pounds in 6 weeks if you gain 30 pounds back by the end of the year. And frankly, you shouldn’t either. This is NOT about doing a diet for the rest of your life, this is about creating a healthy relationship to food, fitness and body – one you can stick with for the rest of your life, without hating your life.


3. You need to rewire your mindset around food and body. Girl, it’s time to get out of the “all or nothing” mindset around food and dieting, because chances are, the only thing you know is how to be “off” or “on” plan. So let’s remove the crazy rules and restrictions, your need for massive willpower and cheat days, and radically change your beliefs about food.


Just like we have to change our beliefs and mindset around calories, we have to change our mindset about food as a whole. I’m going to give you a couple overarching principles that will help you create the body you crave, without the struggle.



When we call food “good” or “bad” or “off limits” or “never can I ever,” we send ourselves into food obsession, constantly thinking about what we lack… which only makes us want it more. This happens on any restrictive diet, whether you’re looking at calories, carbs or sugar – we quickly look for ways we can cheat or “cheat on plan,” so anything with your diet label is now considered “good.”


Here’s the problem with that: you don’t ever look at WHY you eat the foods you eat to begin with.

WHY do you crave the foods you crave.

WHY are you reaching for food when you’re not even hungry?

WHY do you feel full, but not satisfied?

WHY are you looking for a snack when you just ate 2 hours ago?


It’s time to break out of diet-Hell and unhook yourself from crazy making thoughts about what, when and how you’re eating, so that you can feel at EASE with food, instead of at war with it.


So rather than moralizing food, and thus moralizing ourselves, it’s time to change our labels to ‘more’ and ‘less,’ not on and off the plan.


Your daily goal is to eat 80% foods from your “more” list and up to 20% foods from your “less” list, which means you’ve got FREEDOM, babe!


Don’t want to give up your skinny mocha and protein bar? You don’t have to!

Don’t think you can live without chocolate or pasta for the rest of your life? You don’t have to!

Don’t want to eat salad with grilled chicken every time you go out to eat because that seems safe enough and won’t derail your plan? You don’t have to!


Now, there’s nothing wrong with grilled chicken salads; however, there’s often not enough fat, fiber or food in general to fill you up (but more on that later).


Now, for every food in your ‘less’ list, you’re going to pick 2-3 items to replace it with instead.

Example: I’m going to eat fewer tortillas (max 1 / day) and more quinoa, beans and sweet potatoes.


I’m going to eat fewer protein bars (ie max 1 dairy free bar per day) and more real foods, a protein-fat-fiber rich lunch, and my low-sugar decaf mocha by 2pm.


By focusing on what you want to eat more of, you fill up and fuel up on foods your body needs most.

THIS is how you create consistency, by loosening that death grip you have around food and re-learning how to eat in a way that feels good to YOU.


So when you’re ready to STOP dieting, STOP hating your body, and finally feel at EASE with food, instead of at war with it, join me for a FREE 30-minute End the War with Food mini session, where we’ll:

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If life is pretty good, but there’s this tug on your heart that you’re not living in the body you truly desire, you’re holding yourself back and settling for less than extraordinary … then this is for YOU.

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