Hey, I’m Jillian!


If you’re strolling through these parts, I’m guessing you’re a smart, ambitious woman, who desperately wants to lose your weight and keep it off FOREVER.


The only problem is, you’ve got a secret…

You’re at war with food after years of dieting, constantly gaining back the weight you worked so hard to lose.


To make it worse, you haven’t a flaming clue what to eat to lose weight anymore, why you’re binging on chocolate, ice cream and peanut butter every night, and feel ALL the shame when you don’t have the willpower to stick with your 1200 calorie diet.

Learn how to break free from Diet-Hell, so that you have freedom to eat dessert or a piece of bread, without stressing over ‘falling off the wagon’ or calculating how far you’ll need to run tomorrow to “burn it off.”


It’s time you make peace with food and body, decode your cravings, and live a life unlimited, so that you have killer confidence to finally wear the dress that’s been stuffed in the back of your closet for 5 years. 


Body You Crave teaches you how.

I bring a unique set of skills to teach you how to create the Body You Crave.

As a certified health and life coach, I blend these two coaching philosophies together, so that you don’t just get the body you crave, but a life you freakin’ LOVE.


We don’t just look at what you eat or how much you’re eating; we look at WHY you eat the foods you eat to begin with.


Because chances are, you know that stuffing your face with bread, cheese and chocolate at 9pm on a Tuesday night isn’t helping your cause, but you haven’t a clue how to resist.


You don’t need more tactics of how to avoid your favorite foods or ‘eat this, not that’ or just add chili peppers to rev up your metabolism… ain’t nobody got time for that anymore.


The key to getting the body you crave and a life you LOVE is support and community that allows you to get to the root of your cravings, so you can stop eating an entire pizza after every stressful day.  

My obsession with food and achieving the *perfect* body created my own personal hell, where I went to war with food every single day.


From the age of 7 or 8, I thought I was fat. And while I was NOT fat as a kid, I developed beliefs around weight (and what the weight meant), and self-worth and being valued for my accomplishments, which meant I had to be perfect in all areas, at all times.

There wasn’t just a single incident, a single mean comment or phrase that triggered me; it was a lifetime of snowflake-sized beliefs that snowballed into a massive avalanche of body-hate, stuck in a death spiral of never being good enough.


I ran more, cross trained harder, tried to eat as little as possible, tried cutting out carbs or fat or meals altogether, but no matter my size or weight, I was never at peace with my body.


I thought, once I lost the weight, once I had a flat stomach, once I looked like those girls on Shape Magazine… THEN I would love my body, myself, and (more importantly) people would love me too.


But striving for perfection and never being good enough?

That sh*t’s forking exhausting.


Like you, I would have done anything to break out of diet hell and finally learn to love my body, which is why it’s become my entire life’s purpose to help you end your war with food and body forever, and become unstoppable.


And when you’re ready, I’ll show you how.

Ready to finally lose the weight and feel amazing in your body, for good?

Schedule your Body Breakthrough Session – it’s free.


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