Hey! I’m Jillian,


a Weight Loss & Body Image Coach for smart, ambitious women [like you!] who want to lose their weight and keep it off FOREVER.


The only problem is, you’re at war with food after years of dieting, constantly gaining back the weight you worked so hard to lose.

To make it worse, you haven’t a flaming clue what to eat to lose weight anymore, why you’re binging on chocolate, ice cream and peanut butter every night, and feel ALL the shame when you don’t have the willpower to stick with your 1200 calorie diet.


It’s time for you to make peace with food and body, decode your cravings, and live a life unlimited, so that you have killer confidence to post pictures of yourself at the beach, in a bikini, on Facebook, take that Caribbean vacation you’ve been dreaming of for the last 5 years, and finally wear the dress that’s been stuffed in the back of your closet.

Body You Crave teaches you how.

I used to think that losing weight was just science and ‘basic math’ of calories in / calories out, and I just needed more willpower to avoid certain foods…


But the 100% truth is, it doesn’t matter how science-backed your meal plan is or how hard you exercise in the gym, if you have a disordered relationship to food or your body, and make decisions based on fear, shame or guilt…




Too often, we’re looking for some kind of magic elixir – the right workout, the right Diet, more willpower – to help us shed unwanted weight and sculpt the perfect body.

We focus on superficial tactics to change behavior, instead of getting to the root problem and change your beliefs around food and body image. The Diet & Fitness industries have exploded with new ‘research,’ new Diets, new opinions and tactics to crush your cravings under the boot of your willpower! *Insert maniacal laugh here*


But the fundamental piece 99% of them are missing is:

Why do you think losing the weight will make you happy?


What’s your relationship been like with your body since you were a kid?


Because it’s never about the weight, the dress size or the food;

It’s always about what those things represent:

Love. Acceptance. Confidence. Pleasure.


Which is why I’m hell-bent on helping women like you change your relationship to food, fitness & body, so that you don’t just get the body you crave, but the LIFE you crave, too.

So if you’re ready to screw all Diets and stop feeling guilty and ashamed every time you don’t stay on plan…

If you desperately want to love yourself and your body, but just don’t know how…

And you’re ready to start living without the constant obsession over food or exercise…


Then join me in the Inner Circle, where we focus on How to Get the Body You Crave, without restrictive diets or stepping foot in the gym (or stuffing your face with chocolate every night <– been there done that!)