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Launch or Grow Your Business with a Few of My Favorite Tools!

Active Campaign

My recommended email software – it’s the one I use too! All the features you want without the heavy price tag. Free 14 day trial with monthly rates starting at $29.


This is my 2nd most recommended email software, which I used for several months in 2016. I switched because they didn’t have all the features of Active Campaign… but now they’re pretty similar! Free trial with monthly pricing starting at $39/month.


My recommended landing page software – it’s the one I use too! They have hundreds of templates specifically designed to convert, but new drag-n-drop options that give you all the flexibility without the tech-headaches! Free trial with monthly rates starting at $25.

Zoom Webinars

Zoom is my current webinar software and so freakin’ easy to use! Full disclosure: I’m planning to switch to Crowdcast (below), but I highly recommend Zoom for it’s ease of use and customer support! Offers a 30 day guarantee with monthly rates starting at $40.


I adore Crowdcast! It has so many incredible features, sleek look and design, super easy to use, plus you can easily charge customers for certain videos you want to productize! Their customer service is impeccable, and I will be using this software in March once my year ends with Zoom. They often offer 30% off deals throughout the year!


My recommended course platform for beginners – it’s the one I use too! They have incredible trainings, resources and are extremely easy to use and get started. Before buying course plug-in software, I highly recommend using Teachable to validate your offer with little to no cost. Very tech-friendly for us non-techy people and a free option to get you started!

Deadline Funnels

Dealine Funnels is an amazing piece of tech for any sales funnel! They allow you to set deadlines for each subscriber based on specific triggers, whether it’s open an email, click a link, or subscribe to your email list, plus it’s all automated! Free 30 day trial plus customized webinars and training for all customers!

Stealth Seminar

My recommended software for automated webinars [extremely affordable to boot!] when you’re looking to systematize and streamline your marketing and lead generation. Not necessary when you’re just starting out, but an incredible program when you’re ready to grow!

Digital Product Delivery

My preferred software for delivering digital products, both downloads and videos – it’s the one I use too! Easy tech setup and payment integration; however, you will need a Paypal or Stripe account. Rates starting at just $16/month!

Acuity Scheduling

The feature that made this software a winner – you can easily charge for your time upfront from your website or a booking link. If you’re ready to stop doing FREE, Acuity is for you! Easy tech setup and payment integration, plus sign up for free and get a bonus 2 month upgrade… I’ll share how on the blog!