Ever feel like you’re doing everything you think you *should be* doing, but the scale just doesn’t budge?


You’re counting calories, carbs, macros, eating lettuce for lunch, viciously exercising more and eating less, doing all the things you think you “should be” doing to lose weight… but the last 10lbs seem to have a death grip.


The good news is, losing weight and keeping it off requires none of that.


We’ve been deceived into thinking weight loss is merely calories in vs calories out; it’s “basic math” or “simple science.”

But the truth is, the “basic math” and “simple science” of 99% of all diets don’t account for our emotional dependencies on food and WHY WE EAT WHAT WE EAT in the first place. They fail to address our negative relationship to food, how we’ve trained ourselves to be “good” or “bad” based on what we eat, poor body image and our constant struggle with perfectionism and worthiness (among other things).


And at the core of all of this is, “why do you think losing weight will make you happy?”

Or rather, why are you putting off happiness, love, acceptance, or adventure UNTIL you’ve lost 10 lbs, become a size 4 or weigh less than you did in high school?


These unrealistic goals, constant criticism of your body, shame, guilt, and belief of ALL the diet lies keep you stuck in the Diet Cycle of Doom. But there’s hope!

In this two-part video series I break down the 3 core shifts you must make in order to break these negative cycles and habits. Watch below, and when you’re ready, here’s how I can help… I’ve set aside some time in the coming weeks to help you breakthrough the #1 biggest area keeping you stuck.

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