Here’s the thing…


What I’m going to teach you is not a step-by-step blueprint or a fail-proof formula to create six-figures in six weeks. It’s not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach that winds up looking like EVERYONE ELSE OUT THERE.

Instead, it’s a system that allows YOU to show up in your own unique brilliance, attract ambitious, action-ready clients and create your own success, instead of trying to copy-cat everyone else’s.


How would you feel if every day you knew exactly how to attract your dream clients and make them excited to spend their money with YOU?!


Because that business of your dreams… is totally possible.


And it doesn’t have to start by building a 10,000 person Facebook group, or a massive email list, or even blogging every day. [Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!]


Hey, I’m Jillian and I’m obsessed with helping ambitious health & fitness coaches develop dangerously effective sales systems, so that you can make a killer income online doing what you love.

Right now, I’m guessing you’re stuck in 1 of these 3 areas:


:: You’re in hustle-hell, creating loads of free content, dropping hundreds of dollars on Facebook ads, but still not making the income (or impact) you truly crave. All the “work” that once fired you up inside is now starting to feel like a tough-mudder, not a quick road-race all the “gurus” make it out to be.


:: You want to build your tribe with ambitious go-getters who are ready for action, but seem to be calling in all the bench-warmers instead… You’ve created countless ideal client avatars, so where the fraggle are they [and how do you make them think, “damn, I want to work with her!”]


:: Your “marketing plan” feels a little too much like “Mary Poppins’ Bag of Horrors;” you’ve got plenty of “hacks” and “tricks” up your sleeve, but you keep flailing about, looking for that elusive magic bullet that will finally tip the scales in your favor. You might be playing the game, but you’re not playing to WIN.

But the good news is I can help, because I’ve been there too.


My first year of online marketing, I was totally a “freeple” – I signed up for every free training, challenge, webinar, download, or cheat sheet I could get my hands on, but wouldn’t spend a dime on thing that really mattered, like courses, programs or investing in myself as an entrepreneur. The whole point was to make money, right?


After 6-months of “winging-it” to no avail, I went back to a day job where I could take control of my finances and start investing in myself. But that brought about a new set of problems…


Fast forward to early 2016 where I started a coaching business with a focus on marketing and sales funnels. I developed successful FB ad campaigns, webinars and sales funnels, had plenty of ideal clients coming my way, but couldn’t sign a single client.


Because the real problem wasn’t my strategy, it wasn’t some magic bullet, sparkly unicorn ‘tactic’ that would finally catapult me into the six-figure stratosphere;

It was:

Owning My Edge and standing the hell UP in who I am and what I believe. It meant getting real and vulnerable with my tribe and connecting on a personal level.

Owning My Expertise, knowing that I am damn good at what I do. It meant doing things MY way instead of trying to copy-cat someone else’s success.

Owning My Box of “Secrets,” knowing that my message comes from my mess, and there is NO SHAME in my story! Rather than let it hold me back and bring all kinds of shame, I learned how to show my stripes and use it to connect with my tribe.

Give me 45-minutes, and I’ll help you identify exactly how to call in and attract your DREAM clients, instead of them chasing down like a stage-five clinger.


…and I’ll do it for you for FREE.


I’m going to develop a strategy specifically for your business to bring in new clients. I’ll show you how to position your offer, so that you’re not just the obvious choice, but prospects are freakin’ ecstatic to work with YOU.

This will lead to one of 2 things:

  1. You’ll love the plan & be ready to implement it on your own. If that’s the case, awesome – keep in touch and share your success with me!   
  2. You’ll be so thrilled with your new plan that you’ll want my help in implementing it, so you get results 10x faster. (Every great athlete needs a coach and business really isn’t any different.)


But this isn’t for everybody


So before you apply please make sure you fit the following criteria:


>> You MUST be able to get clients results, even if you’ve been doing that work for someone else and not under your own business name. You need to offer real value with your service, not selling a commodity like discounts on office supplies or Aflac insurance.

>> You’re a coach, consultant or creative, currently charging at least $1,000 per offer, with the goal of charging $5k or more for your services by the end of the year. [You might just need a little hand in figuring out how.]

>> You’ve got to be coachable and open to changing your current habits or beliefs. Attitude is everything here, and you’ll have to trust me that “winging it” just isn’t an option. If you’re not willing to do the work, because yes there still is some work to do here, we’re probably not a good match.

If that sounds like you… here’s what to do next:

Schedule your ‘Book a New Client’ session with me by below. It’s that simple!


Questions? Comments? Or simply want to invite me to a dinner party next weekend? Drop me a line below!

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