Hey! I’m Jillian, Sales Coach for Ambitious Life, Health & Fitness Coaches, who are ready to own their edge, attract action-ready clients and make a killer income online doing what they love.


I used to think that if you had brains and a dash of badass you’d be able to magnetize clients your way just by being YOU.


But the 100% truth is, it doesn’t really matter how soul-shakingly amazing your work is… if you don’t double down on ONE strategy that lights you up inside and shows what an expert you are… and call in the RIGHT kind of clients who are EXCITED to spend their money with you…



Not a quick road-race.


Too often, we look at everyone else around us, thinking they must have the “secrets” that only the “insiders” know.

We keep searching for this Holy-Grail-Fail-Proof-Formula, instead of looking at your REAL secret weapon…





So how do you unleash this secret weapon?


You learn to stand UP for what you believe in, and OWN YOUR EDGE.



It’s not enough just to play the game – you have to play to WIN.

Which means playing in your own zone of genius, making decisions from a place of confidence and excitement, and finally turning your business into that profit-generating machine you know it can be. 


Because building a massive email list, or a fancy website, or a 10,000 person FB Group might make you popular, but it doesn’t make you PROFITABLE.


But when you learn how to stand UP in your own truth, speak UP with your own voice, and break UP with all the busy-work you think you “should be” doing…

You’ll finally align your strategy with your core message and catapult your business to the next level.


That’s how I started playing to WIN.

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